I Believe In Miracles

Brittany - Georgia
Entered on April 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, the word miracle is “an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God” (bartleby.com). I believe that this is true and I believe in miracles.

In my life I have heard and experienced miracles. Five years ago, my father and a couple of his high school friends hiked the Grand Canyon, from the North and South Rim, a total of 25 miles in the middle of June. One very hot day my father got so hot he almost had a heat stroke. He sat down on a rock to rest and all of a sudden a man approaches him. This man was no ordinary man; he was dressed in all white, a white shirt, shorts and bandana. He saw that my dad was struggling and offered him some white colored medicine. My father said that he would normally not have taken pills from a stranger but since he was in such dire need of help he took the medicine. He looked down while he took the medicine and when he looked up the man was gone. At first, he thought he had just walked away but when he asked his friends and other people on the path if they had seen the man they looked at him as if he were crazy. He even asked the people in the stores and at the restaurant when they finished their hike and they said that they had not seen a man of that description. He says today that if it was not for that man dressed in all white I might not be here today. Another miraculous event that has happened in my family was when I was 10 years old and my sister was 5 years old and we were in New York City. My sister as young as she was ran out in front of a taxicab. This almost gave my parents a heart attack. Luckily the taxicab driver saw her. I believe that it was God’s miraculous doings that saved my sister that day. I believe that these are just minor miracles that God has blessed my family with and that he has and will continue to perform miracles on ordinary people everyday.

Some artist such as Queen and Jon Bon Jovi also express the same feeling on miracles in their music. In Queen’s song “The Miracle”, they mention many examples of miracles, like the ones in the Bible to wonders of the world like Jimi Hendrix. One line that I truly believe, “All God’s creations great and small The Golden Gate and the Taj Mahal That’s a miracle” (www.sing365.com)

Miracles have saved my family and I don’t believe these are just accidents. I believe God is looking out for his children and he sends his angles when they are in need. Just as Hot Chocolate said in their hit “You Sexy Thing”, I, Brittany Landis, believe in miracles.