Say Cheese!

Skyler - Goddard, Kansas
Entered on April 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

It amazes me that all life can be summarized by a baby’s smile. There has been several occasions in m life that I believe shaped my philophosy of my life. I was recently at Church and as I was kneeling I noticed a young baby boy lying on his mother’s shoulder. With deep blue eyes he smiled at me, and I quickly looked away and laughed to myself thinking how a smile can mean so much to me by showing the youth, frailty, and love of all human life.

I realize how our childish ways can in a certain sense still be within us. Even God said that if you do not possess the heart of a child you shall not inherit eternal life. Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve such a simple and powerful gift, but as I look into that child’s eyes closely enough I can see the youth and glory of all life fulfilled. Anyone who comes across a baby smiling will always in turn smile back or to themselves. Being spiritually young is what separates us from the society’s view of adulthood. You can’t ever get too old to do the childish things you have done as a kid, it will always be in us.

The frailty seen through that child shows the frailty of all mankind. That dust to dust we shall return. It is the frailty of our human heart that gives us the ability to love. I believe that society has lost that sense youth and frailty. I believe in truth, that losing that ability to notice the little things in life, such as a baby’s smile, we lose that innocence and love we are all indeed born with.

Love is why we exist. If you think about it this whole world is held together by Love. Weren’t we created in God’s divine image for His love for mankind? You see every smile seen by a child represents the Love of God Himself. Look closely enough and you can see His very life in this world. It was by Love of man and woman that their child has been brought about in this world. In a certain sense it reminds us of our own birth when our mothers took care of us. It’s the beginning of a new life set before us and just by seeing smiles every day especially by a child you are always reminded of that truth no matter how hard life is.

If indeed what I say is true then who should deny that? God has given us little things in life such as these smiles to show us a bigger and deeper understanding of who we are and what He wants us to become. To see the unseen is to see the truth hidden in all human life. That truth is a mystery surrounded by Love.