65 Miley Cyrus Posters

ee - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on April 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in seeing my 65 Miley Cyrus posters everyday. I believe in that because they don’t judge me when I talk to them. They remind me of how great of a person Miley really is. Miley is an overall happy person who enjoys life very much. My posters remind me that she is just a normal teen who has to go through everything a normal person goes through. People think she is different just because she is famous. She is normal! I think that if more people knew that there wouldn’t be as many people who hate Miley right now.

My posters don’t judge me because they are like my journal, I just don’t right my thoughts down on a piece of paper I say it out loud. I get made fun of at school because of how obsessed I am with her and I can tell my posters that and they don’t have anything negative to say. I can tell them anything. If I’m having a good day I can tell them and if I’m having a bad day I can still tell them. Miley is a positive person so she would never say anything bad about anyone. Correction, Miley doesn’t have anything bad to say.

Today there are a lot of people who hate Miley. She is just a normal person. I wish everyone would know that because if they did I think there wouldn’t be as many hater’s. She is famous and that is why people hate her. They say she has bad style but they just find pictures of her in her PJ’S. She needs to relax because she has a very busy life. They say she is a bad singer. I have a question for them. If Miley Cyrus is a bad singer then why does she have three CD’s out and is working on another one?

People think it doesn’t hurt people’s feelings to hear bad thing said about their hero/ role model. But it does.

I think it is good for me to see and talk to my posters everyday. If I’m mad it helps me calm down. The pictures of her show her personality, they remind me that she is just like me, and is just a happy person.