What we live for is what we die for

Miguel - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on April 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What do I believe? I believe that what we live for is what we die for. We all live for the good things in life. We live to see our first-born, hear their first words, and watch their first steps. We live to see their graduation day we live to see them grow up and become successful in life. We live for these good reasons that’s what life was meant to be.

We all live for a reason and that reason is to bring good to life. Everything has a reason in life, everything happens for a reason. We all know life is not fair. We know how it is. We expect the worst and hope for the best. But still we should never let anything or anybody get us down always keeping our heads up.

We live to experience everything so in the future we know what’s good. So if someone else is in the same position you were in you can help them out. If it all works out for that person, and he or she does well you know you did something good in life. As you live your life you may not recognize that we are living for a reason. You may just think you’re just a regular person and nothing special but to the people around you, you mean everything.

It’ll take a long time to realize it but at the end when you are old and ready to pass you will think and reflect on your life. I believe I’ll think about whether or not I have done good things and if I have lived a good life. Those are what I believe are the most important things we live to die for. Life is a valuable and priceless gift that we can’t let go to waste. We live and enjoy life we take it how it comes. There’s nothing more and nothing less, and that’s how life is. We expect the worst and hope for the best.