I’ll Reach My Goals

Isaac - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on April 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There have been many experiences in my life that have taught me important lessons. Such as, never touch the stove when its red; never to hold a grudge and my favorite, never quit. This I believe: With a lot of practice and constant hard work I can reach any of my goals. There have been several experiences in my life that have led to my believing this; however one in particular experience sticks out in my mind.

It all started when I was in seventh grade. Over the summer, I had gained quite a bit of weight and was no longer a valuable asset to my soccer team. In an effort to find a place for me, my coach tried me out at goal keeper. To everyone’s astonishment, I was very good. I had excellent hand eye coordination and a knack for reading where my opponent would shoot. However it wasn’t what I loved. I didn’t feel that I was participating in the same fast paced competitive sport that I had watched my brother play for years. I was simply a spectator who, every now and then, would get to catch the ball and throw it to somebody in the “real” game being played in front of me.

It was then that I promised myself, and anybody that would listen, that one day I was going to be so good on the field that it would be more valuable for me to play there, then for me to play keeper. From then on I practiced nearly everyday. I would run from my grandma’s house back to mine, a distance of about two miles, and I would choose a salad over a zebra cake for lunch. It was a slow and grueling process, but by the time I reached high school (two years had passed) I was no longer required to play in the goal. However I hadn’t yet convinced everyone. My teammates would often yell at me to go play goalie in practice, which I did, knowing someday they’d see where I truly belong. Another year went by, with me taking every practice more seriously than anybody else. By the time I was a sophomore there was no doubt in anybody’s mind; I belonged on the field. I made the varsity soccer team alongside many of friends. Unlike most of my friends, however, I started. I got to play almost every minute of every game, and by the end of the season I had finally reached my goal. Nobody in the world still thought I belong in the goal!

This was the key event that led to my belief, and I am grateful for it. It has helped give me confidence when trying something new. I know now that even if at first I struggle, if I care enough, eventually I will succeed. This will help me further in life as I set higher and higher goals, going into each of them knowing, I will succeed.