Positive thinking

Suthamma - South Bend, Indiana
Entered on April 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death, family, hope

I believe in positive thinking. I believe that when I face certain situations, I have a choice between thinking positively or negatively. I believe that if I have to face problems or to get through hard times in the future, I can be self-inspired or inspired by others to get through that difficult moment.

When I was eighteen years old, my mom passed away when she was only 54. I felt that it was too early for a person to pass away. For me, it was really hard, because I was very close to her. I cried every day, because I missed her so much and I felt sad that we could not be around each other anymore. From the day she passed away, positive thinking helped me to think about what I have rather than what I lost. I realize that instead of crying and questioning why she passed away so early or why we could not stay together, I should think differently. I should be happy that we had a good time together for eighteen years and ever since then, my memory with my mom became my inspiration to help me live my life. I know that she actually is not here, but I still have memories that we shared filled with joys and tears together, which make me, smile and make me feel like she is still by my side always.

Positive thinking helped me overcome my problem when I came to America eight months ago to pursue my MBA degree. My first semester was really hard, because I had problems with communicating with my American classmates and participating in class discussions.

Sometimes they were impatient when I spoke English and I felt like I was a failure, because I could not explain exactly what I was trying to say. At that time, I was stressed and felt sad. I missed my mom so much and I cried often, because I wanted to talk to her and I wished that she could be here to comfort me. But whenever I looked at our pictures in my study room, I felt much better, because even though she actually was not here, I felt like she could still see me. She knew that I studied hard and I should not give up. I also remembered her often telling me that I am capable of achieving anything. Moreover, no matter what kind of decisions that I make, I know that I will make the best decision and I will get full support from her, because I am her daughter and she loved me.