Voting is Not Just a Right, It’s a Power

Ryan - Cheektowaga, New York
Entered on April 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

Now that I am of age, voting is a big concern for me. I believe that voting is a very important thing that everyone should do. It’s something that people have fought for to gain as a right, and now that everyone has the right to vote, no one does it. In the 2004 election, there were 221,285,099 people that were eligible to vote. Of those 221,285,099 only 123,535,883 voted. That is only around 50% of the population that actually voted. Another thing you hear are people complaining about the president all the time, but a lot of the time you’ll ask the person if they voted and they’ll say no. Not just everyone should vote though, unless, they know about the candidates. Another thing that I believe in is educating everyone before they vote. People need to have some sort of knowledge before voting, other than just what’s on television. What is on television is 2-5 minute segments giving you little bits of information about a certain candidates. And from what I’ve heard and learned, a lot of the time certain television stations only give you one side of the story, depending on their party affiliation. Now I don’t think that literacy tests should be brought back or anything like that, but information on candidates should just be a lot easier to attain. Yes, you can see little bits on television, and you can search for it on the internet. But I think that there should be something sent to you in the mail, or some type of booklets handed out at polling places. I guess that I feel that maybe with more information, people would vote for the person that they want as president for the right reasons. Not just because of his or her skin color, their last name, or because they are “cute” as I’ve heard some people say. I think that these reasons are very dumb, but can sometimes be true. I know that this can sometimes be true because I’ve heard some of this in my Senior Cultural Media Studies class. These are High School seniors that have said some of these things, and I’m sure there have been more that I haven’t heard. Some students are ignorant to what is really going on in this world, including politics. I feel that students should be educated on politics a lot more than we actually are, especially during election years like these, where I find it even more important than the other years. If we continue to be non-educated on politics, the country may continue to be worse than most of us already believe that it is. We the students hear that we are the future of our time, which is very true. Well the future is now, and we are ignorant to many things going on in this world, including politics, and if we continue our ignorance then this world can only get worse. And this I believe.