The Card Problem

Saul - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on April 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

To me the thing that changed my life was the day that I almost lost a pair of cards. When I started school as a freshman I really didn’t know many people. So like every other freshman I went to look for new friends and a place to kick back. The place I found was the library and the friends I made were nerds. In the library the sport or the game that everyone considered cool was Yu-gi-oh. So after buying my own cards I started to play with my friends, one of my friends was a senior. To make myself look like a cool kid I told the senior that my cousin had the rarest cards around (my cousin had already graduated). This was the beginning of a problem.

The senior gave me his best cards and my cousin gave me his best cards so I could show the other and see if they wanted to trade. That day my friend took all the cards from me so that he could “look at them” and I let him borrow them. The next day, when I asked him for the cards he told me that some kid asked to see them and took off running away with all of them.

I was debating over telling both my cousin and the senior but couldn’t see any way of being forgiven. After asking them what would happen if I were to loose the cards, sarcastly, they told me that their cards were worth over $300 and that they would never trust me again. The thought made me shiver. I had to find the kid and get the cards back from him. I also had to convince both my cousin and the senior that the other guy had their cards, hoping it would buy time.

After about two weeks I finally found the kid and got back the cards. I gave the cards back to their proper owners and told them that the other took a while to see them.

Never again did I like to play Yugioh and I haven’t played since

What this experience has taught me is that you should always take care of things that aren’t yours. You should take care of them with your life because by doing so you earn the trust and confidence of other people. These two things are very important and since then people have trusted me with everything.