Perseverance is a key word for Life.

Jose - Santa Maria, California
Entered on April 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that through perseverance you can achieve many things in life. Perseverance is a very strong word that can help you succeed in jobs, school, and other places while doing many things.

In my case perseverance helped me become better in a sport I loved to play which is soccer. Well, from the beginnig I was good but not that good. I started playing soccer at the age of six eventhough I was good in someway I wanted to become even a better player because my dad was able to become a proffesional soccer player and I wanted to achieve the same goal as my dad.

Achieving that goal would not be an easy task because it would required long hours of practice for a lot of years. When I played soccer I would always score many goals but it was not enough in order to become a really great player.

My dad was my soccer coach and he would make me run a lot for very long hours and he would also make me practice my shoots. When I was eleven I was already good enough to even play with kids that were older than me by three or four years. My perseverance and long hours made a great difference when I played with older people because my speed was extradionary just like my dribbling and shoots.

The first time I went to Mexico was in 5th grade and I played for my school. Where my school qualified to the Coca-Cola Cup. In the Coca-Cola Cup we made it to the semi-finals only. In the semi-finals I remembered tht I was put in the bench and I didn’t know why but at the last twenty minutes of the game they put me in; we were losing three to one and in those twenty minutes I scored two goals and I tied up the game so we went to penalty kicks and we lost and they didn’t let me shoot a penalty kick.

My perseverance on not giving up in soccer and played made me a better player and person because I would definitely not give up in what ever I tried. By the age of fourteen and the second time I went to Mexico I was able to fulfilled what I wanted to fulfilled. I was given the chance at least to play two proffesional games.

But then I had to return back to Righetti High School here in the U.S. where I had an unfortunate event that change my life because I was playing soccer team with kids of my age when a kid severly injured my knee. He kicked me in the knee which mess up everything inside of my knee. It took two years to recover from that injury and I was not able to play proffesionally anymore even though I still played but is more difficult now is not the same. The only good thing is that I was able to play at least two games.