One of the Priceless Treasures

Katrina - Soldotna, Alaska
Entered on April 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

One of the Priceless Treasures Katrina Truesdell

The loneliness was suffocating. All I did was drift like a spirit left behind, doomed to face reality alone. Years have passed and time has tried to do its work on me: so far it has been unsuccessful in healing me.

There was a dark time in my life when only family was there to comfort me. However, no matter how hard they tried, I was still in a bottomless pit. This period went through most of my elementary school years, and even on into middle school.

I was one of those people who was shy, a lover of books, and a tomboy. Consequently, playmates and friends were hard to come by. I would watch kids playing tag and ask to join them. Even if I was invited, I was like a ghost, forgotten for the rest of recess. Playing eventually was left behind at school. At this my hated isolation increased. Socializing was not my area of expertise; I had not made much of an attempt to. However, it did not stop me to totally give up on friendship.

Even though life got brighter in eighth grade, something was not right. I had an impossible time of relating to many people I hung out with. I wondered if I would find real friends.

When I entered high school times were tough again. Things were going out of control. However, it was different this time.

Last time, I had basically no one. This time I had a helping hand from friends and family alike. Eventually, things worked out, and now, most of the time, I am content. I may have my flaws and rough times, but now it takes less time to heal. I have improved socially and get along better with people.

I have found a warming light that I thought I would never have. It was what I hoped for, but something I never thought I would be able to have. I could finally trust as a friend.

That dark time in my life made me realize how precious friendship is. It has made me believe that with friends, life is worth living.