Through Trail-Filled Years

Lindsey - Soldotna, Alaska
Entered on April 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

About nineteen years ago, my grandmother had an accident. Her heavily active lifestyle came to a halt. The result of this accident was a brain hemorrhage that now affects her mobility and her ability to fully take care of herself. For months she was in a coma, and the doctors were pessimistic to her survival. Being the fighter that she is, she came out of the coma. When she did, her memory was so bad that she couldn’t even remember her children’s names when she saw them. Small gestures and sounds were the only way she could communicate, because her brain could not function properly. Even though it was hard for her to deal with people who couldn’t understand anything she was trying to say, she hung in there.

Now, years later, her children and several of her grandchildren have grown up. When she sees me, my grandma can remember exactly who I am, and we have many conversations. Not only can she talk, but she has gained back almost all of her memory. All these years she has waited on God to help her body heal from the damage and to pass through all the trials that are placed in front of her. The progress that she has made over the years is incredible, but she is still in a wheelchair and needs help taking care of herself most of the time.

For six years, she has gone to church with my mom and me on Sundays, and she has been a faithful attendant. One year, she was even given a reward for perfect attendance. My grandma participates in both a worship service and Sunday school hour. Her lack of ability to take care of herself often times stresses her out, because sometimes people are ignorant to the fact she is in need. Despite the occasional hassles, she has patience for those who just cannot see.

My grandma’s patience is great. She has patience with me when I can’t understand her when she tells me how much she loves me. Hardest of all: she has patience with God to heal her body from all of the pain that she has suffered through all these years. If I had to live in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, then I don’t know what I would do.

As I go about my extremely busy life, and feel as though I am being stretched past my limits, I think about how lucky I am to live. I have to consider how lucky I am to have the ability to walk the walk and talk the talk, but without using a communication board or wheelchair. One day I hope that my grandma can experience again what it is like to go for a walk, or to be able to get back out onto the water and go fishing all the time like she used to. I love my grandma, and I believe in the power of patience.