True Love

Matt - Danville, California
Entered on April 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

True Love

A state of mind that cannot be judged, a feeling that cannot be described, and a treasure you may find but never find again. A treasure so precious it can only be shared between two of whom exchange hearts and become one. A treasure so strong; unbreakable yet can crush every particle of your beating heart. A treasure that fills your body with more joy and happiness that one can bear. This treasure cannot be seen nor touched but only felt between the two. And when felt between the two, the both make one so strong that nothing can break one. True love is out there and for all to find, one may find it, one may never know it was even there, but it’s there. And this I believe.

True love is something I feel is very rare and know that not everyone can feel it. True love is something I believe everyone should be granted at one point in their lives for it is something so warm and secure. I believe when two are in love and in the presence of each other, there is nothing else that they need but each other. True love is something you will know when you feel and won’t know otherwise. It’s not something you play games with or take advantage of. It’s not something you juggle between the world’s creatures of beauty, whether they may be blonde, brunette, a shade of smooth velvet. Instead, true love is something you will never want to lose when grasped and something so magical and surreal you won’t want to wake up from the dream that poises you.

This feeling called love can make one do crazy things that one may never even thought of doing. True love can be the best thing that has happened to you and could also be the worst. Something so strong and serious it could shatter every inch of ego that rests in the psyche of ones brain. Something so strong, the blood pumping to your heart can double within the arteries that run through your body, sending off fireworks that more far more powerful and firework-like than ones associated with love clichés. Love is something so powerful, which if tampered with, can tangle every wire of emotional stability.

When true love is finally found between the two of which that love each other, every slideshow of the world disappears. Everything important has become so blurry from every pixel of your life itself, focusing and being redirected to your most pleasurable possession; your everything. I feel that when two are in love, they learn from each other and take in what one has brought to the doorstep of each others heart. They are each others light that keeps them walking when in most times of need. Presence so warm, you never want to leave the state of comfort and security. The warm hands put together, with loving hands so woven, can bear holding the burden of each others lives. The promise between two so unbreakable one must be in dire need of separation to break the everlasting love for eternity. True love is there and can only be felt with ones heart. When one finds it, they will then believe…as for this is what I believe.