Respect your sibilings

Gabriela - Brookline, Massachusetts
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, respect

If you have a little brother or a little sister you must feel the same way I do sometimes. Having someone that lives with you every day and that most of the time wants to do the same things you do, or act just like you, is complicated. Still having someone admire everything you do or say, or having someone you will always be able to count on, is a feeling that I can’t even describe. A brother or a sister will always be there for you no matter if they are younger or older. There are many reasons to be mad at them, but there is only one reason that will always bring a family together: love. Some how that feeling is what makes us do things that siblings don’t expect us to do, it makes us realize how much we are alike even though we may think completely differently.

At the top of the mountain, I could see my little brother trying to get up. We went skiing that day; it wasn’t my first time but it was his. Like always, he wanted to have the same big skis I did, and go on the same mountain I was going on. I wanted to tell him not to go with me but I couldn’t, since my little brother is already 13 years-old and almost my height. So I told him he could go but I wasn’t going to stop and wait for him. He agreed and down the mountain we went, until he stopped and fell. Of course, like all big sisters I started laughing, but then I decided to wait for him. I kept teasing him and doing all those things that brothers and sisters do. When he was ready, he looked at me and said, “I didn’t think you were going to wait. Thanks for waiting for me.” I just looked at him and gave him a simile. I was mad at the beginning because I had to wait for him but then, after hearing what he said, I just felt so special because I made him feel special.

Being 18 years old and having to share the same room with my brother, who is almost 5 years younger than me wasn’t the birthday present I wanted. It was never my dream; it would always be my worst nightmare. Before I came to the U.S. I had my own room, now I have to share a blue bedroom with him while my favorite color is pink. But this new life that we are having right now only brought us closer together than I would think we would ever be. We do so much more things together now. I realized even though we have our arguments, issues and problems, we understand each other more then we did 6 months ago. Fighting over nothing is the stupidest thing that brother and sisters can do; we are supposed to be friends and not enemies. He and I are more alike that I ever thought we were.

I believe we should treat our siblings with respect. Understand them like we want them to understand us. They are a part of our family and a part of us. We will say sometimes that we hate them, and that we never want to see them again, but in our hearts we know we love them and can’t imagine ourselves living without them.