Yoga with Geese

Kathryn - Reno, Nevada
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

Yoga with Geese

Or “Geese Asana”

I am driving through downtown on the way to my weekly Yoga class, Mondays, 4 pm. It is the time of day when most folks are in a hurry to get somewhere after school or work. The late afternoon Spring Sunshine slants across the River that meanders through the urban streets.

All at once, traffic in both directions begins to crawl carefully ahead and then stops. A large group of Canadian Geese has collectively decided that this is the best possible moment for them to cross the road. Slowly. One at a time. Lined up like perfect little second grade students. One webbed-foot placidly slapping the pavement at a time while drivers in both directions are held captive by the moment.

I begin to laugh as I realize that the Geese, who are in no hurry whatsoever, must be thinking how silly we all must look – trapped in our metal and glass cages, tormenting ourselves to hurry up! Get there! Be on time! And the best part is – those Geese have many options about how and where and when to cross that particular road – not the least of which is – They can fly ! Hey – wait a minute ! They could fly across that road in 2 seconds flat and be out of our way – allowing us to be down the block by now – Hey Geese! How come you aren’t flying ? The only answer I get is one cool, webbed foot after another padding across the pavement, each feathered rear clearly enjoying its’ slow waddle, eyes blinking softly in the sunlight.

This is the moment when Yoga class began that day with the Geese quietly demonstrating that my foot does not always

need to be on the accelerator – that just because the car is capable of greater speed – it may not always be necessary or wise. And my Goose Teachers had just a few questions for me that day: Just because I CAN lurch forward through life ignoring those around me and even though I am able to jump to conclusions, or I can be quick to judge, is that really how I want to BE in that moment? Am I also able to transform this great capacity for swiftness and efficiency into a few small moments of clarity and compassion ?

Am I able to waddle complacently, once in a while, across a busy street, even though I know I can fly ?