This I Believe-Austin Major

Austin - Prospect, Kentucky
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have come to the conclusion that the only real thing which I believe is that a belief is relative to time and place, much like Voltaire’s idea of government. Believes are not absolute, but rather a series of ideas and notions that constantly circulate the brain in the mind’s desperate ploy to make a rationale of what is going on in this crazy world of ours. I wish I was able to illustrate to you a concrete outline of some obscure idea in which I convey to you EXACTLY what I belief, but that, in itself, causes a problem because there is no rythmn, reason, or empirical formula which any individual may convey in any number of words. What you believe is not to be written on paper, not because we all do not want to hear about it, but because it is too difficult for even the most straightforward of individuals. What you believe is not in your words, but in your actions, in your movements, in your subconcious. I have learned through high school that talk is not simply cheap, talk is free. You may say whatever you desire to whom so ever may fit your fancy. It becomes not what we say, but rather, how we act that comes to define us. Beliefs are not a series of concrete ideas that can be descripted in a well-composed essay of 500 words, but rather a set of notions and ideas on which individuals must act to find a sense of self identity. Believes are not what you say not only because there is no way to fully convey what they may be, because they must ultimately be the manner in which one conducts themselves. It is this that I believe.