Discovering My Racial Identity

Whitley - Easton, Massachusetts
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

On my first day of school in the seventh grade, a boy immmediately said, “What are you? Are you African? Mexican? Puerto Rican? What are you?”

That very same day, I went home and cried. I asked my mom, “Why am I so dark, Mom? Why am I different?”

My mother told me that being different is a great thing. Nobody really fits in. She said, “Don’t let them get to you, honey, it’ll be worse if you do.”

Still, I struggled to fit in. Being a mixture of both white and black, i was in the middle of those two skin tones. Neither side would accept me as their kind. Where did I belong?

Through a journey of self-discovery, I came to realize that your color doesn’t matter. You’re accepted as whatever you want to be.