This I Believe…

Kelli - Morehead, Kentucky
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe….

Something I believe to be very important in the development of children

and adults alike is participation in a camp. Many people go through life never

having experienced summer camp or any other type of camp. Although it may

not seem like a big deal, I think that much is missed when experiences such as

those gained at camp are overlooked.

All camps are not the same, but most provide similar positive impact on

not only those who attend as campers, but also those who participate as

volunteers and counselors or staff.

I was a camper for many years: I attended a week long camp in the

summer and also attended various day camps in which I would participate in

many activities and classes with many other children my age, though many times

I had never met the majority of the other children until I arrived at the camp.

Camp may not seem like a big deal to most people. In fact, some people

may see it as a pointless waste of time and money. However, when a child goes

to a camp of any sort they are developing in ways they have never developed

before. They are away from their guardians so they are learning independence,

they are improving their social skills by meeting and talking to new people, and

they are learning to be leaders and individuals while still being part of a

supportive community.

I think this is vital for children, especially those who attend or plan to

attend a public university or go to public schools. Children learn how to interact

with one another in an effective and positive way. They find common interests

with other kids and make friends with people that they may have never had the

opportunity to meet had they not come to camp.

As a former camper, junior counselor, and adult leader, I think that

attending camp as a child or young adult should definiately be on one’s priority

list if it is only a one time experience.