The Note

Jeffery - Pflugerville, Texas
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The note

Throughout life we encounter many situations, situations that some may say are awful, situations are said to be just bad luck, but I believe that something good comes from every situation. I believe that in any situation, a lesson can be learned and sometimes it’s in the lesson learned comes the something good.

He was a year older than I am now, built a lot better though!! We were always together, getting into trouble anytime we saw an opportunity. He was the flirtatious type, the kind of guy that you would hate to leave your girl alone with. He loved boxing, fighting or bad mouthing anyone, anytime just to see if they would fight him. Arrogant, self-centered and a bad role-model; he was my hero.

One day sitting in the locker-room, just like everyday before track practice. This particular day I could see him out of the corner of my eye, just pestering the people around him. I could hear the guy next to him saying “Hey man get out of my seat, I sit there everyday.” Of course he didn’t move. In fact he dared the guy to try and do anything about it, but this new kid didn’t know my brother and wasn’t going to let some kid sit in his spot on the bench. So, after some fighting words and a bit of commotion, the track coach walked in and silence filled the room. Coach Mac was man of stature; he would make you run laps for looking at him the wrong way. Coach Mac was about six foot three and about two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. He yelled out to us “everyone out to the track”; it was time to stretch before our four mile run for practice. It was now that my brother saw his opportunity to bet back at the new kid. Apparently this new kid saw the same opportunity too because he went right up to my brother and shoved him hard enough to knock him back a few yards. Then the fight broke out and my brother was kicking tail, a left, then a right, boxing was his motivation. Then the fight took and unexpected turn, one of my brother’s rivals took a cheap shot, he stuck out his foot right as my brother took a step backwards. I saw it in slow motion as he fell; the guy took two punches to my brother’s face and split his eye open. I felt ashamed, ashamed to even call him my brother, I thought of how a good person would have just gave up the seat and avoided the fight all together, I thought he deserved everything he got…. and I told him so.

That night I dreamed of that fight and the words I had said to him, I dreamed of how I stood and watched while he took all the shots, then the words. I think the words were the worst part of it all, they were the reason he hated me. I woke up the next morning and went straight towards his bedroom; I opened up his door but nothing. The room was nothing, his bed was nothing, everything was nothing. He was gone. I found out the next day that he took off on my bike, packed a light bag and rode forty five miles to my mother’s house and there on his bed was a note. The note I keep until this day. It reminds me of that day, how much I miss him, and how you never really appreciate what you have until the day it’s no longer there. It was a thing my grandmother had always said to me, but never really had a great affect on me until now. We still talk over the phone but I can’t help wondering what might have happened if I could have changed that day, if I didn’t have that note.

Every day I can remember each detail depicting those few days in my life. Every day I re-learn my lesson, that lesson that tells me how I really don’t know what I have until the day that it walks out of my life. Because of that lesson I am able to show my friends a greater love. It is a love that I could not have shown if I didn’t have those days in my life to guide my path. So thank I give my thanks to my brother because if not for him I wouldn’t be able to say that I believe something good can come from every situation.