I Believe in the Power of Family

Brandon - Sunrise, Florida
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

For years the family has loved, nurtured, and protected every one of its members. This type of bond, in my eyes, gives an individual the foundation to step into the real world. I believe in the power of family. When I was eight years old my family was broken apart. My mom and dad had a huge fight and my dad left us. The love and care given to me by my mom and baby sister slowly but surely healed my inner wounds.

Families not only comfort each other but support each other in every possible way. My mom supported my interest in football and drove me to and from practice despite her exhaustion from her job. I do my part to help my family by completing my assigned chores. I wash dishes and clothes, clean my room, mop, sweep, and do other everyday task to keep my mom at ease.

Some people think that the concept of the family is a relic of the past and that thanks to electronic entertainment devices and the internet families drift apart and just get involved in their own thing. I think families can stay together by using these sources to their advantage. My mom, cousin, sister, aunt, and I all play the DVD game Scene It together as a family. This gives us a chance to release our troubles at work or school and relax and have fun together.

Families pull together during tough times too. My mom had to go out of town recently and my cousin had to look after her daughter, my sister and I. It was a rough two months and despite my cousin working the night shift, she did a great job. My aunt helped the cause as well. When my cousin was at work my aunt watched the three of us. She said, “no matter what happens in life family has to help each other when they need it most.”

Family always celebrates. Birthdays and holidays are the biggest celebrations in my family. For my sixteenth birthday my family took me out to red lobster to have a luxurious and delicious birthday dinner. When we came home I had a big surprise. There was a huge chocolate cake on the table with my name on it and an envelope with Three hundred dollars for shopping.

Family’s most important job is teaching morals. My always tells my sister and I important rules to remember in life. She says, “Never a borrower of a lender be” and her favorite saying “all who don’t hear does feel.” These simple phrases teach me never to lend or borrow and that people who don’t listen to important lessons end up suffering for it later. Family is the ultimate surprise. You never know who will be in your family and you might not know why you’re related, but you will be able to rely on their help no matter what. This I believe.