Practice makes Perfect

Brian - aventura, Florida
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

“Practice can make perfect” is a quote that I stand by. This quote is universal; it is used by every leader, teacher, coach, and mentor. It is used in every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Football has been my sport since I came to United States from Argentina in 2003. Football is a very competitive sport that takes time and heart. Since 2003, my coaches have been telling me the quote “practice makes perfect”. For the first two years, these words didn’t tell me much; I thought it was dumb and that it couldn’t possibly work, so I ignored it, but after the years, I figured out that not every single coach could be wrong.

My first experience of football was flag football; I played this branch of football for three years. Flag football is about speed and agility. As the years passed I managed to perfect my abilities at this branch of the sport. So after three years, I switched to tackle football which was more much challenging than flag football. It requires the most of ones physical and mental abilities. This was the year that the quote really helped me perfect my abilities. Every day in practice when I couldn’t go anymore and I felt like quitting, I would remember how powerful this quote was, and how much it helped me three years before, and how much it could help me now.

Football practice is excruciating, I run so much that after practice when I stand still I feel like my legs are still moving. Tackling drills prepare my tough exterior for game day; we hit so much that after a while I could get hit by a bulldozer and I would feel like a new-born baby punched me. Each time that I feel like I’m falling down or that I’m not trying my best, I remember that “practice makes perfect”. After each practice I have to drink at least half a gallon of water to replace all the sweat that I left on the field. When I get home and I drop my practice shirt in the laundry basket, my mom asks if I took a shower, in my shirt I reply, no mom, I just try my best.

In my second year of tackle football, I was a sophomore in high school. I felt like a more experienced athlete, because my skills were much better than before. I still knew I had to keep perfecting my abilities. As a sophomore I was determined to start, at least once. I put my mind to it and practiced hard and my opportunity finally came, it was against Ransom Everglades. T hat week I started in special teams, in the kickoff team. As a sophomore I played a couple of plays, but not as much as I expected. I believe that practice can make perfect because after the season was over I felt an inner reward of seeing how I much I had improved. Next year as a junior, I’m hoping start every game. I’m going to give my best and leave my potential on the field at all times so the coaches see my improved skills. I already have started to lift weights and practice for next season so I can make my dream true and start next season. This I believe practice makes perfect.