Gaming for the Soul

Ross - Austin, Texas
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Gaming for the Soul

I believe in gaming addictions, yes I know, I’m a nerd and many people will label me that, but as long as I get to do something I enjoy, I take the insult in stride.

I know many people play games, hell some play more than others, but most of us “Gamers” have our own reasons for doing so. Some for recreation, some for a job, some even play games to meet other people whom enjoy doing the same thing. I take it one step further, not two or three, just one. I play games to “Temporarily Escape Reality”. Every now and then real life will rear its ugly head in the form of the pizza man coming to the door, well actually that would be an exception, everyone likes pizza, or dinner needing to be cooked, even my dogs count when they need something they will nag the crap out of your leg, and that’s what the pause button is for, it puts everything on hold, no matter what it may be your game will wait for your inevitable return, to bad life doesn’t have a pause button, but when I get into a game without any interruptions. I like to, now this may sound childish, be warned, imagine it’s me mowing down legions of aliens, or I’m the one pulling off that “Perfect Headshot” , or that I’m the one leading a squad of highly trained men into enemy territory. While I may not go to gaming conventions or dress up as certain characters from said games I’d like to believe I’m as hardcore as the gamers that do these things.

Many people who don’t play games see it as “Childish” or “Irresponsible”, they usually do one of two things:

1. Leave the gamers be or

2. Try to put a stop to it.

Someone, somewhere always finds a way to track violent acts committed by teens to videogames, always: Columbine and Virginia Tech. The ones responsible played “violent games” but if they went as far as to shoot up a school then they were troubled already. To me, videogames keep me out of trouble, “They are my anti-drug” . . . sometimes. When I wake up in the morning, before work and school, I play a match or two on Halo 3, putting a bullet through someone’s head, knowing I just ruined their morning (Or afternoon, or night depending on where they live). It makes me feel great. Even here at school I play games, where or when I’m not going to say but I do play them to a certain degree. Hell even when I get home, whatever time it is, I like to sit down on my futon with a icy Dr. Pepper and boot up my Xbox 360 and jam out to Guitar Hero 3, Patiently wait for some idiot to poke his head out too far in Call of Duty 4, Beat the living crap out of someone in Dead or Alive 4, or even run over five people in a row on Halo 3. I’ll admit I’m not the best at games, far from it actually, but I’m doing something I consider fun, I don’t do it for money or fame (Though if I did it for money I think I’d be rather rich right now, not bragging), I do it because I’m able to and its something ,I believe, is worth my time. In the long run this addiction, that’s a good word for it, may cause an irrevocable catastrophe that ruins me for the rest of my life, but until that happens, if it happens, I will continue to waste away into the wee hours of every morning, everyday, grinning, knowing I just got shot someone between the eyes and scaring the piss out of them because they never saw it coming. Videogames are the only entertainment I will ever need. This, I believe.