The Beauty In Flaws

Brittany - Soldotna, Alaska
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Beauty In Flaws

Brittany R

A fault; something which makes a thing or a person not perfect, an imperfection. That is the definition for the word flaw. I have flaws, whether I like it or not. One day, I decided to ask my friends what they didn’t like about themselves. I got many answers including weight, height, lack of confidence, skin, feet and the list continued. Then, I asked my friends what they did like about themselves. I got shorter answers, maybe three, with many “I don’t knows.”

People tell me I look great. “Nice body, pretty face,” but when I see my reflection in the mirror, it feels like someone put a trick mirror in front of me. I see things I don’t like. I do everything possible to cover up those flaws and to hide my imperfections from other people. I have days when I say, “You know what? I don’t care.” But those days come very seldom now.

The funny thing is, when my friends told me what they didn’t like, I thought they looked fine. I didn’t understand their flaws. True, I do have flaws myself. I’m nowhere near perfect. I always compare myself to other people and models, as I’m sure my friends do too.

I wish I had her hair. I want to be tall and skinny like her. I wish people looked at me that way. Maybe if I change myself to look like her, people will like me to.

These thoughts have crossed my mind many times. So, I came up with three options to deal with them.

1. Undergo much plastic surgery to achieve that perfect Barbie look and pray to God I don’t look like Tammy Fay Baker or Jennifer Coolidge off of the movie “Legally Blonde.”

2. If I can’t pay for surgery, I can go anorexic. I’ll starve myself until I eventually become depressed and then suicidal.

How fun do these two options sound? Not very fun at all, that’s why I have a third option.

3. Accept my flaws. I can’t get rid of them completely without changing myself. So instead, I can change my attitude. I love myself because confidence is very admirable and beautiful.

Personally, I could go on and on about the flaws I have. I don’t like the way I look and I constantly compare myself to others. But when I receive a compliment on my hair, height, make up and clothes, it makes me realize that someone must see the beauty in my flaws, that even our own imperfections can be beautif