Only a Bad Mistake

Hannah - Soldotna, Alaska
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Only a Bad Mistake

Everyday people make bad decisions or think horrible thoughts. Even though people make wretched mistakes, some worse than others, that does not make that person bad. People have to realize everyone makes mistakes, but one should not be judged on an accident or what will be regretted. I believe, even though people make wrong decisions, those same people are not necessarily a horrible person.

Not too long ago I was talking to my friend who made me realize that people should not be considered wretched. He is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and he considered himself an awful person for making some mistakes and hurting other people’s feelings. What people need to do is stop letting that one time accident block and hide all the generous things they have done. Those memories will haunt and mock them for the rest of their lives, and leave them with guilt, pain, and regret. When people judge others and call them a wicked person, the pain gets worse and unbearable. People should not have to be judged if they already know the mistake was foul.

Knowing that a person should not be considered bad for a wrong doing does not mean they should not face some consequences, when performing actions that was not an accident. A person must know what they did was wrong, so in the future they do not have to make that mistake again. This will also lower the feeling of pain, guilt, and remorse because they know what not to do. Apologies are always acceptable and help in ways that may seem small to one but enormous to another. Apologizing for a mistake is like lifting a gigantic boulder off someone’s shoulders. If it is impossible for a person to physically apologize, then they should do their best to remember all the good they have done for that person they caused pain to.

Influences put on one another will help people choose their actions. Everyone was not created the same, nor raised in the same house by the same people. It is not someone’s fault that they had horrible influences growing up. People should conduct themselves in a proper manner, but there will always be pressure and influences. Wrong actions will be followed by consequences, so in time they will learn no matter how they were raised.

People need to let go of all the pain they caused and try to grasp life in a new way. In the end, all wrong actions are followed by a type of consequence, whether it is prison, physical pain, or sympathetic feelings. People should not be considered awful by their mistakes or wrong doings, because in the end it will always bite them in the butt, and there’s no need for judgment when they already feel that pain.