This I Believe

Victoria - 84117, Utah
Entered on April 1, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: immigrant

This I believe that if I could utter a few words while standing on an indefinite Immigration line l I would run to the closest mountain top and speak from the navel, from a loud and sound voice, “PLEASE RESPOND”. This is the compulsive order in waiting for Immigration to respond. It is like hunger pangs waiting for food only to receive a little bit of sour juice. It is like waiting for an angel in the guise of a ghost, and since there are holy and not-so-holy ghosts I only hope for the best! Yet worst is to be in waiting when the transaction with Immigration turns pockets inside out and milks change reservoirs for the last drops. In exchange, I still hope. Books tell me the power of positive thinking is marvellous and therefore I sing:

“Torture in Waiting

Over 5000,00 hours in waiting,

Immigration has not said “yes” or “no”.

Everyday in my sleep, daydreams and gazes

I see shadows of the postman.

When will he come? I ask myself.

But when he comes after more than 5000 hours

Immigration will say, “yes” or “no”.

Everyday in my sleep, daydreams and gazes

I feel ice strolling down my spine when the postman engages “park”.

When will he step out? I speak to myself.

But when he jumps off, I pray that he does not have news from Immigration

This long wait, tantamount to denial- I need no affirmation.

Everyday in my sleep, daydreams and gazes

I hold the notion of just-is, with bowels scalded from motions of denial.

But then the postman comes after more than 5000,00 hours

To shuttle lobes on official stationery and shackle justice to pace peace.

Immigration will still be positively waiting to say “yes” or “no”.

Over 5000,00 hours in waiting.”