Life Lessons From Daddy

Kaitlyn - Kasilof, Alaska
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Ever since I can remember my dad has always lectured me. These pep talks are about sports, school, work ethic, being a leader, standing up for myself, and everything else that falls under the life category. These once ignored talks with my dad always take place while driving somewhere, when it is just the two of us. He will always go over the basics; I never used to pay much attention to this part as I could practically recite the entire lecture word for word. The conclusion is always the same, when he says “Never lie, cheat, or steal and you can look anyone in the eye.” I used to look at this saying as a break from my dad’s lectures, a chance to change the subject, but about a year ago my attitude of this phrase changed.

Everyone has experienced the hard times involved in growing up. The end of middle school and the beginning of high school had several struggles and conflicts I had to overcome. There were many rumors flying about, rumors that were not true, and very painful to hear. One day, while driving home with my dad, I began talking to him about one of these problems. He told me the only advice he had for me was once again, “Never lie, cheat, or steal and you can look anyone in the eye.” I sat and finally considered what my dad was saying the rest of the drive home. This was when I decided to try and live by my dad’s once disregarded advice.

Instantly, I knew I had made the right decision. There is no way I can go wrong by living my life this way. Unlike many people I never have to change a story, because I always tell the truth. I know I deserve everything I earn, because I never cheated to get it. Additionally, I never have to worry about what I possess, because I never stole any of it. My dad had been right all along; I can look anyone in the eye and know I am an honest, fair, good person. There are no extra complications. This is why I decided to pay more attention to my dad’s now well cherished lessons.

The knowledge about life that my dad has shared with me, while growing up, will be carried with me forever. It has always been both productive and helpful. These lessons have pulled me through some of the worst situations I have had to experience. When I become a mom, I plan to share these life lessons with my children. However, the one lesson I will continuously repeat will be the one that has helped me most. “Never lie, cheat, or steal and you can look anyone in the eye.”