An Outlet to Inspiration

Max - Haworth, New Jersey
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Junior year of high school was not only academically challenging with work I received from my liberal arts courses, but it was equally demanding with my film production course and my studio art AP, both of which required endless innovation and creativity. Often times I found myself trying to come up with an essay topic, an idea for a short film, or an art project of some sort. This thinking process tended to be very time consuming and frustrating, but I believe I have found a solution. I believe music can be used as a common outlet to gaining inspiration of all kinds.

I listen to and enjoy nearly all genres of music, but I find that some music helps more than others in my usual pursuit of generating not just ideas, but good ideas. The type of songs I listen to in these situations must help me to relax while simultaneously putting me in a soothing mood to best concentrate. Obviously genres such as hip-hip and techno would not be the best to listen to when I am trying to concentrate in a calm fashion, so I have meticulously organized my 12,000 plus songs into categories by rating and creating “smart” playlists which constantly update and change based on the preferences I plug-in. This process of organization has helped me to not only have a very controlled music selection but more importantly, it has helped me to come across thoughts and ideas I would have never thought possible years ago

I realize I am not alone in my belief that music brings upon relaxation and inspiration. Many of my friends also indulge in this form of discovering new ideas while some also believe that studying while listening to certain music actually helps to retain knowledge. Upon searching different blogs and studies located on the Internet, it is quite apparent that using music as a tool for knowledge and inspiration is universal. John Wesley wrote an article on directly relating to my belief. He reinforces it by describing how music can help to make you work more naturally. Rather than hesitating he claimed he made decisions based on instinct and that the music allowed his subconscious talent to come though.

John Wesley is certainly not alone in his argument claiming that music “clears mental blocks to creativity.” Articles, archives, blogs, and other postings similar to his are spread across the Internet building an increasing awareness of what benefits come from music. When I have an issue with something that requires thinking to solve, I look to none other than music, not necessarily for the answer, but to help me find it.