I believe in hope

Jennita - Dallas/Tx/75241, Texas
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in hope.

Hope that my blessing will come. Hope that anybody in the same situation I am in has hope and faith that his or her happiness will come. If one can anticipate and look forward to the positive things in life then their hope is already there.

Growing up I never had much of an easy life. My mother and father were constantly arguing and fighting many times resulting in him walking out on us and not coming back for two to three days. One day they got into an argument like no other, my father felt like he had enough and left us for good. I felt unloved and sorry for myself because I thought I was in the only family that faced those kinds of problems.

Well, we decided to move to North Dallas in hopes of starting over. After living there for a couple of months, we later found that one of our cousins lived in the same area as we did. From there a strong relationship developed and that is where my life made its turning point.

It was a school morning when I found out my mother was a drug addict. She had been on drugs every since she was with my father. Once I thought about it, the only time they argued was when my father did not give her money. He left her because he was fed up with supplying her and saw that she was not trying to change. The thing is my father was the one that got her started on drugs but he decided that he had two daughters and for that reason, he got help. When she realized that we were not blinded by her lies and secrets anymore, she began; time after time again, saying she was going to get help.

It seemed as though she had gotten worse after years went by. She began putting us off on everyone else except herself and failed to realize that not only was she losing us but she had also lost herself in the process. Many times, I would go to school angry and frustrated at the world because of problems at home. At times, I wished that I didn’t even exist.

The problems we face throughout life are what we must learn to accept overtime because there is no one to blame. We all have problems in life that we either fight or deal with. Why do I believe in hope? I believe in hope because it is the desire for something better in life. My mother helped me to believe in hope. My mother helped me learn that I wanted to do better in life. Thinking negative can only add to the problems in your life, but thinking positive can do no harm. Because I choose to hope for better things in life instead of feeling sorry for myself and hating my mother, I found that it is impossible to stay in the darkness.