Addicted to Family Love

Cassandra - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My sister and I have not been inseparable until a few years ago. She got into some bad habits and no one would help her, except me. I believe in family love.

I see families that have all their ends tied. They all socialize with each other, help one another, and have family gatherings. My family is far different from this. We get together on the Holidays, which is about it. We all judge one another without the proper facts and we think we all are a disgrace to the family. One person is always better then the other.

In 2004, my sister began to hang out with some new friends she had met. She came around less often and hardly ever called. When we did hang out I noticed something different about her. She was losing weight and had a shorter attention span. It got to the point I knew something was terribly wrong. I wanted her to talk to me but she just shrugged me off. It took a long time for me to speak with her but the anticipation must have been for the better because when that day came, I knew I was going to get my sister back.

She came to my mom’s house in tears one night. She pulled me into my room and gave me the most sincere hug she had ever given me before. She began to cry and through her gasps for air, I heard her say “I am addicted to Crystal Meth.”

She knows I feel strongly against drugs so it caught me off guard that she would seek my forgiveness and help and not someone else’s. I comforted her until she calmed down and her tears finally eased away. She backed away from me and told me she doesn’t want to lose me and she needs my help. I began to offer my advice and tell her that I will do anything in my power to get her off those drugs because I, more then anyone, wanted our relationship back to normal.

As I continued to counsel her, I was so surprised how well she took my advice. I then realized how much our relationship meant to her.

As I look back now on how our relationship was, I am much more grateful for how it is now. I wonder if she had never fallen under peer pressure, would we have still become this close, or would we have grew further apart? I believe in family re-gathering, and unconditional love, whether the effects are positive or negative. I believe in family love.