This I Believe

Desire - Claysburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

Everyone believes in something. As a teenager it seems that I believe in a bit more than adults. I believe in love, friendship, and so much more. Most of all I believe that I should be heard. Every child and teen should be heard.

When children and teenagers have something to say they should not only be allowed to say it, but people should actually listen. We are not looking for trouble or to disobey the rules that have been set. All younger people want is to speak their minds and state their opinions without others who are older putting them down.

I do not know too many kids who believe that their elders listen to them well today. Most kids just believe their parents do not understand them. Instead of parents just paying attention and taking the time to listen they seem to think because age teens and children are that hey just do not have a say in anything. I believe kids act out more because they want to be heard.

They cannot find ways for people to listen. Acting out seems to be the only situation for teens and children today. At least that is what they believe. Kids think maybe if they are bad and do things that they should not that their elders would pay more attention. Maybe the parents would try and figure out the reasons for the kids acting the ways they do. Almost everyone that is a teen or younger things they should have a say not only in their homes but in the world.

Every kid believes they should be heard. They even believe they will make a difference. Every time they are put down they are going to try ever harder to be heard. I believe we WILL be heard.