My True Colors

Ché - Bennington, Vermont
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My potential is infinite. To discover my potential I do not have to understand who I am, or who I will someday be. I have to free myself from the curse of conformity which has turned into an epidemic in my school. I have opinions, strong ones, and I’m not a fake person. Anyone can be superficially “pretty,” but true beauty comes from within. I am a firm believer that if someone has money they can be “pretty.” We live in a materialistic society that encourages girls to cover their faces with makeup so they will become the picture of “prettiness.” Sadly I was a person like that for a period of my life.

Around new people I become self conscious causing me to leave my true personality in the dust. People skills are important. Our society is becoming more and more technology based and someday face to face communication will be obsolete. I will be willing to do whatever it takes to keep this from happening if I have to personally kidnap every cell phone, laptop, play station, or Xbox on the east coast.

I am on the road to being comfortable in my own skin and I can credit this to one of my best friends who truly does not give a damn what anyone thinks of her. Before practice one morning she pulled into the parking lot with her music incredibly loud; before the car was completely stopped she was outside dancing to this crazy music that was blaring from her car speakers. Before I had time to think I was dancing next to her in the abandon school parking lot, not caring who drove by or who could see us. It was an amazing feeling and it was at that moment I decided I should love myself; not the girl I had been trying to be. The girl that dances and sings to the radio in the grocery store, or smiles at people as they pass only because it makes her feel good inside. Everyone has heard the classic phrase; you must love yourself before you can love anyone else. Well it’s the truth. Childhood friends were great, but as I became truly happy I discovered how to surround myself with people who accept me.

There is the cliché, “I don’t care what other people think of me” personality. I don’t want to live that way. Everyone should care what other people think of them. Honestly, who wants to be thought of as a conceited bitch, or a self-centered jerk? I understand I’m not the prettiest girl; I won’t be awarded for superior academic performance or superb athletic ability. But I am happy with myself.

Those who succeed are not the ones with the most potential; they are the ones who look past the potential everyone tells them they have. I am reaching my potential by allowing my true colors to show. I am finding myself, my words are my own and my mind is no longer in blinders. I am happy being myself.