We Believe

chris - Pleasanton, California
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in the love of your team, it doesn’t matter if it’s the Buffalo Bandits, the Greensboro Grasshoppers or the Tulsa 66ers. It’s that unexplainable passion that is shared by all diehard fans. The arena is your house and the team is your family. A last second win causes uncontrollable jumping, screaming and high fiving as you cherish that golden moment. An unexpected loss creates a giant knot in your stomach as an unspeakable agony comes over you. They can bring you to the lowest of lows and can take you places and give you a joy only a true fan knows of. I believe in standing by your team through all the wins, losses, scandals and trades. For me that team has always been the Golden State Warriors.

I have closely followed the warriors since I was on my first basketball team in the seventh grade. I started going to games with my dad regularly. I go to at least ten games every year, that first year they went 17 and 65.They were horrible and at times were truly painful to watch. But every game I went was unforgettable I couldn’t get enough of the warriors. Even when they were losing I was still cheering them on. I never left a game a minute early even if they were down by thirty. My dad promised me that the next time the Warriors made the playoffs we would go. Every win although few and far between felt like it was the start of a comeback. I prayed that they would make the playoffs or even finish with a winning season. This was a pattern that went on for the next six years. They made some mistakes drafting and trading players and every time it looked up something went wrong. Ticket sales went down and Warriors fans lost that drive. I can’t count the arguments I was in defending my team, it was never ending. As I fan I was emotionally drained all I wanted was for them to win.

In 2006 the warriors had their first winning season in thirteen years. I was speechless when they won their last ten games and slipped into the last playoff spot. Everything I’d been waiting for, everything I believed finally came true. It was unreal they finally made after a thirteen year drought and all the losses and arguments felt like they were worth it. The warriors were matched up with the best team in the league the Mavericks. An eighth seed had never beaten a number one seed in a seven game series so they were a substantial underdog. When I walked into Oracle Arena for that first game there was a buzz in the air and I knew it was going to be a special game. As I entered the door they were handing out gold t-shirts with the Warriors new slogan “we believe.” As I watched my team make history by knocking off the Mavericks in five games I knew we had made it. The fans, the team, the community everything was finally worth it. All the struggles and pain of losing for over a decade was lifted of the shoulders of the Golden State Warriors. I never stopped believing and I never will.