I Beleive

Amy - SF, California
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe?

I believe that this society will one day turn depressing because of dehumanization. I believe that in any given society, in any age group, in any category of people, I believe that we alienate each other away by our “cliques” and “groups” of friends with thoughts of superiority. I believe that truly, when someone smiles at you and accepts your ideas, it’s fake, because no one is accepted in a group or in society no matter how similar they seem to be, everyone lives in their own world and puts any others aside.

I remember watching a group of girls when they were all wearing their Jordan’s and they all had matching Nemo backpacks, they weren’t as “cool” to a girl that wasn’t quite dressed like them. Thus, this gave me the idea that no matter how long you have probably known someone, or how close you may seem to be, people will eventually be pushed away from each other and outcasted among each and every one. I believe that one day, our society will be handed over to arrogant people and the generations will soon be only filtered with this kind of style and tradition; and this will lead to a depressing society one day.

I believe that among everyone, we’re constantly dehumanizing each other, we hear someone brag about something and it makes someone feel uneasy inside, and constantly, people follow this example and do the same, and this kind of tradition carries on and on everywhere. I believe that the world will soon become cold and lonely because of our ultra absorbed selves and we will gradually break away from everyone and live in a world all our own, lonely, cold, and depressing. I believe that within our lonely selves, we will have no social contact with one another because we’re so dehumanized between each other and we will only ourselves in the end.

I literally believe that one day; this world will be so cold that slowly, we’ll all kill ourselves from depressing thoughts and feelings from being without love and warmth from friends and being socially accepted.

This, I believe.