The best gift is having a family

Felicia - San Ramon, California
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that having family and being able to appreciate it is the most wonderful gift anyone could give me. I come to believe this the most when I was still in my home town Jakarta, Indonesia. Every day I was stopped by a traffic light on my way to school and at that time, some beggars would come to every car that has stopped there. I can see some poor orphan kids age between five to twelve and sometimes even mothers carrying their baby walking along the streets playing their guitars, shaking a sand-filled bottle, singing while begging people for money. Usually they will only receive two hundred to five hundred rupiah which is only two to five cents from each people who gives them money. But most people don’t even care. Seeing them like this, and having some experience makes me realize that I am lucky to have a complete family, a good house and available food without ever worrying to be hungry.

One of my experience happened when I was in grade 3, my best friend backstabbed me and turned the whole class against me, I felt very lonely and depressed. But my family is the only one who is supporting me, guiding me and helping me through that rough time. They trust me when nobody else does. At that time I felt really blessed that I have my family on my side and having someone who trust and support me.

Once, my school had a field trip to Cibogo, a wonderful and beautiful place to view nature. There, I was trained to be journalism, and I got the chance to interview the natives there and most of them formerly work as farmers. Life is difficult for them because sometimes when the weather is not in their favor, they could not harvest which then bring a huge loss to them. Some of them could not afford all of their children to get education because of the limited income. But at the end of the day they could still smile. When I asked them why, they told me that even though they don’t have money, they still have each other. This experience had really opened my eyes to how a family could bring such happiness in such a rough time.

After those experiences, my feeling towards my family has changed. It has opened my eyes to realize the importance of having a family and appreciating what I have. Having a family is the most wonderful gift God has given me. Family supports, and will always catch me when I fall. Family will never bail on me, in good and bad times they will always stand by me. The love that we share in a family, the feeling of safeness that I felt in a family, cannot be felt the same with anyone else. Friends might betray or leave me, boyfriends also might leave me, but family will always be there for me no matter what I did, or what people think about me, they will always forgive and accept me for who I really am.