I Believe in ATV’s and Going Fast

Jonathan - San Jose, California
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in ATVs. I believe in going fast, and having fun. What I don’t believe is that you have to go slow to be safe.

I believe in ATVs, because when I went to Sonoma with my ATV, I was riding down this dirt road going about fifteen miles per hour I was doing fine, but then when I turned around to go back to the house I apparently turned the front wheels when I was supposed to be going straight, and then the ATV rolled into a ditch completely turned the other direction and the worst thing about it was that it was on top of my arm, my wrist, and part of my stomach. After I push the ATV so I could get up, I ran into the house to find my dad and tell him what happened and he was amazed that I was able to push it so I could get out from underneath it. After that incident happened I was afraid to ride it, and whatever I did I was not going to tell my mom, because I was afraid that once I told her she would yell at my dad and make me sell it, but luckily she didn’t. I just got my ATV registered in my dads name and I just got the green sticker, so now I can ride it in Hollister, on Pismo Beach, and at Metcalf. I rarely get to ride my ATV because I don’t have much time. Accept when we are in Lake Tahoe, because I am too busy doing homework or something more important. Hopefully this summer I will have a lot of time to ride.

Riding an ATV teaches me responsibility, safety, how to share, and how to be brave. Riding the ATV teaches me responsibility because I need to take care of my own ATV and all the gear I need to ride it, like a helmet, gloves, gas, and body protection Riding my ATV teaches me how to be safe because I have to watch where I am going so I don’t roll it, and I have to make sure I wear my helmet and all my protection while I am riding, and I also have to be alert for falling things and dangerous situations. Riding my ATV also teaches me how to share, because my family only has one ATV and that is the one that I have, so if my sisters, parents, brother in-law, or my nephews want to ride it I have to share with them. It also teaches me how to be brave because I have to have bravery to climb up sand dunes and mountains of snow and dirt.

I believe in ATVs because I like to go fast, I don’t like to crash, it teaches me responsibility, and it teaches me how to be safe. These are the reasons I believe in ATVs, going fast, and having fun.