I Believe

Christopher - South San Francisco, California
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in break dancing. For every one of us, perfection means something different, whether it be strength or intelligence. Humans are always in a state of progression, as todays most revered will be eclipsed by the next generation. Break dancing is my idea of perfection: strength, creativity, flexibility, control, and dedication.

When I see a break dancer, I am entranced in the intricate yet powerful movements. It looks so easy… yet I know that he, the dancer, has spent many years have gone into the art, sharpening his skills and remaining committed to improvement.

I saw my first break dancing performance when I was around seven, out in the streets of downtown San Francisco. He was doing a flare, which is when you spin your legs in a circle in the air with only your arms holding you in the air, into a shoulder spin and promptly ended with a very cool freeze pose. He was practically weightless and he floated effortlessly in the air.

I was inspired to also make myself fly in the air, and when I got home I attempted to do the same movements he did. I ended up with two bruised knees and a hyper-extended arm. However, this outright failure of such a seemingly simple move imbued me with the determination to master it. I kept attempting the move day after day, against the protests of my mother. After a full month of practice, every single day, I finally did one full flare. It was probably by accident, but I was so proud. At age 7, I did a full flare.

After that moment, I didn’t know how to teach myself any other moves. I got into video games and didn’t think about it until my freshman year. I remembered my childhood dream of becoming a break dancer, and thus set out to accomplish my goals. Since YouTube came out, I searched many videos on How To and such. One thing I noticed, however, was that the style has changed. There are many more power moves than back in the late 90’s. This change in the art actually inspired me to make my own mark on the dance.

Break dancing has installed a sense of purpose into my life. I want to be able to achieve perfection: mind and body. To me, break dancing will help be fulfill that dream by sharpening my skills of control and strength and instilling a sense of pride and dedication to what I do.