A good laugh

Luis - South San Francisco, California
Entered on March 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe in a good laugh. I love jokes and very stupid movies that poke fun at those boring, everyday events that are constantly happening left and right. It takes my mind off things; it allows all my stress to gently roll away, if even for awhile. It’s my every pain reliever, my anti-depressant, my own cure.

Sitting in a movie theater, laughing my head off while holding in my bladder as to not miss a second of the movie. That is my paradise. But what adds to that joy is that I am not the only one laughing. There are several other people laughing who I now share a moment with, for the rest of my life. It’s a common connection between most people everywhere that no one stops to notice.

In this uptight world where everyone is constantly moving here and there, it seems as though no one has the time to rest and let out a good laugh. I’m no different, it seems like with school, community service, and family commitments, laughing just wastes time. But life was not always like this. Looking back at old home movies from when I was a youngling, it seems that me and the other children forever captured on tape would just laugh for no reason. I would just be sitting there and start laughing, triggering a chain reaction between all my peers.

Laughing is the beauty of childhood. If I could revert back to my very young days, back in the nineties, I would in an instant. Laughing at random, just because I miss the sound, is something I wish I could do.

I now go to the movies every chance I get. I always have staring contests with my friends before the movie starts, and we usually break out laughing. People always stare, like they want to join our contest or something, but they never ask. During the movies I just let myself go, laughing at every funny part there is, and my problems just melt away.

My family joins me at the movies whenever they feel like it, which is not a lot. But when I see my mom, who barely speaks English, laughing at Will Ferrell get hit in the groin, I feel as close to her as ever. Laughing reminds me that however bad the world seems, there is always an upside, or there will always be someone there for me. True happiness is not achieved by having all the money or all the newest gizmos and gadgets, but is achieved by the feeling I get when I know everything is going to be all right, or that I will never be alone.

Laughing helps in many ways, shapes, and forms. It helps relieve problems and gives a common connection between human beings. I hope to one day relive my childhood, not because it was easy, but because I was truly happy.