Scrwing Upp and Aliens

Audie - South San Francisco, California
Entered on March 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay

First of all, I can’t really describe one core belief. I was literally sitting at my computer with Microsoft Word out thinking for, like, thirty minutes thinking of something I really believe in, but I couldn’t think of any that good.. So I have a couple of them.

I believe the Philippines falls under the category of both Asian and Pacific Islander. I hear two people arguing that it is not Asian, it is Pacific Islander, and vise versa. So I tell them it’s both. It’s a country that belongs to the continent of Asia. And it’s an island in the Pacific Ocean. So it’s both, right? I think it should be. What about Japan? It’s also an Asian island in the Pacific Ocean, but they don’t consider it Pacific Islander. And what about all the Pacific islands out there like Samoa? What continent are they from? I don’t know, but I believe that they screwed up in so many things in the world, and when I mean they, I have no clue who ‘they’ are. Also, Ms. Chin says that we have grown accustomed to anti-Semitism as pertaining only to the Jewish people, but that is not necessarily so, but that’s what it grew to be. Just another example of ‘them’ screwing up.

I also believe in aliens. Yeah. Just like Mr. Blochberger. He believes in aliens, too. I mean, do you notice all the stars out at night? There’s like, billions of them. Our sun is one of those billions of stars. We haven’t found any life in the other eight, I mean, seven other planets in our solar system. Sorry Pluto. But what about all the other systems out there? There has to be something living out there. Blochberger even said something during one of our classes that somewhere out there, there would be another class taking the exact same notes in the exact same Chemistry Honors class in the exact same room, C-21. He was also talking about black holes and stuff, but I can’t really remember because I think I was falling asleep anyways, but that’s not the point. I truly believe in other life forms somewhere other than earth. Even if we never get the chance to meet them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Okay, those are my two beliefs. I believe in that they screwed up in whatever the heck they were doing, and I believe in aliens. So yeah. The end.