True love vs. the media

Haley - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I watch love movies and read love stories all the time. I love to fantasize wondering what it would be like if something that romantic would happen to me. I daydream about the perfect love and finding the one person that will make my life perfect. But is that really reality? I believe true love is not how it is portrayed in movies and books.

I do believe in love, I do believe in romance. But in real life, love is much more than in the movies: more practical, more thought out, more serious. Usually love takes longer to develop between two people than the instantaneous sparks of love that often occur in the media.

When I talk to people around me like my friends and my mom, they all seem to have the same opinion: ‘falling in love is not like it is on TV’. I ask my mom questions about my dad all the time: how she met him, how she knew she loved him, and how she finally found out he loved her. While her story was cute, it wasn’t anything that could be made into a movie.

I have many friends that are older then me and already dating. I ask them about “the first kiss”. What was it like? How did it happen? How did it feel? But when asked these questions, they all say something like: ‘Actually, it wasn’t as mystical as I thought it would be’. After watching what it is like in the movies, what it truly is can be a disappointment.

The truth is, the media is lying. They are advertising love in a way that is tricking the world. They add things and make things more exciting just to sell tickets. But now, everyone is starting to expect that perfect relationship when it doesn’t exist!

Love is not perfect, that is what makes it so beautiful. You have to look at it realistically with appropriate expectations. “The one” is not going to gallop in on a white horse and ride with you into the sunset. Your first kiss will most likely not be epic, mysterious, or enchanting. That is just the way it is.

Love is not how it is portrayed by the media, and it’s a good thing. True love can be so simple and so quiet that with the expectations the world has, many might not even know its there. What a shame that people go about their whole life looking for extravagant love when true love could be right in front of them.