Klaudia - San Leandro, California
Entered on March 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What does responsibility mean? Why is it so important? Well, I am tired of seeing people not being responsible and being immature. I am here to tell you I firmly believe in being responsible so that you could be prepared and successful for the rest of your life.

Being responsible means taking care of you and being an adult. Getting the important things done in your life rather then what you just want to do for fun.

I met some of my friend’s friends not too long ago; one of the girls is twenty two years old and does not have to worry about anything. She was very nice but I did notice all her expensive gadgets like her I phone and brand new car. After we had left, my friend said she goes to school but she doesn’t work or pay for anything on her own, everything is given to her. What happened to working and paying for your own things?

It would be great to not have to worry about money and get whatever I wanted from my parents but also being responsible is part of life. When I started working it was hard to get used to the fact that whenever I wanted to do something fun or go eat with friends, there was no money coming from my parents. It started coming to me that I don’t want to be looked at as someone who is spoiled and got whatever I wanted. It feels good to not have to run to my parents whenever I am want something. I don’t like to depend on others for things I can do for myself. I look at some of my friends that still don’t work and some people I graduated with that are going down the wrong path and wonder why they are so irresponsible.

Being responsible and mature is hard to do and everybody goes though that. Look at Britney Spears, not responsible at all; I never want to get to where she is. That’s where I think of my parents and how grateful I am to have them, they taught me to be who I am. Being responsible makes me happy because I show it to my sisters so they see that being responsible ends up helping you in the long run. Sometimes I miss the help from my parents but it makes me feel good also to help myself so then when I move up to Oregon I will be prepared for my future.