Jenny - Piedmont, California
Entered on March 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Jenny S

Ms. Weverka

Class 2, English



I believe in exercise.

I believe that endorphins change your mood so drastically that after a quick work- out your mind and body feel a world of difference. Even if you just take a quick walk around the block, it clears your mind and motivates you for the rest of the day. Being active and sweating releases tension and energizes you both mentally and physically. Not only does your out look on life improve, but your self-esteem sky rockets after exercise. Knowing that you are in control of the way your body looks, and the possibility of fitting into that “itsy bitsy tiny winy yellow polka-dot bikini” or that “little black dress,” is beyond thrilling.

I believe that the combination of being out doors, in the fresh air, with the sun beating down on you as you run, play, swim, bike, or walk, is all vital to happiness. It is proven that being in shape and being healthy create much higher confidence levels and more optimism.

Everyone has a particular work out, whether it be a kick-boxing video, or ballet, these exercises become hobbies that people fall in love with because of the massive adrenaline rush. Everyday we walk around with so much built up stress, that with out our strenuous routines, we get heart attacks or blood clots. More and more people tend to over work themselves and leave no time to go to the gym, and this is how pessimistic moods and cancers are formed.

This past year I was stressed from boyfriend and family problems. I was in a slump and couldn’t seem to get out of depression. I had nowhere to turn. I felt like every time I tried to be optimistic my mood couldn’t seem to alter from its belligerent and lonely state. I spontaneously dug out my running shoes from their little nook in the back of my closet, and tied up the laces. Previously I had heard that getting exercise releases your endorphins and could possibly even change ones mood. Seeing as I had nothing else left to try, I walked out the door and started to jog. As my pace quickened, I felt as if a load was lifted from my shoulders, and the crummy mood was shedding off of me. I felt a satisfactory burning sensation in my muscles, but my mind was racing with motivation to turn my life around and reclaim my former self. This is my personal experience of the positive effect of exercise, and ever since this situation I have continued to turn to exercise when times get hard. Many of my friends and family have shared these same feelings of exercise helping them when they need to release pent up energy or emotions. All in all, the power of exercise is a exemplary way for one to turn around ones mood, while staying healthy and doing so in a natural and productive way.