Death and Life

Jorge - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on March 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

I remember one day as I sat in my aunt’s kitchen, I overheard a conversation about death. She said how she believed that by dying you go into an everlasting dream. She said we would feel the same way dead as we feel every night when we go to sleep. She had probably said that for comfort and to not be scared of death, however, this caused me to become more frightened than ever.

That night as I lay on my bed, I couldn’t seem to go to sleep. I kept thinking that if she was right I was going to be dead in just a few minutes when I finally fell asleep. It had also made me think how when you are dreaming it seems so real. This caused another troubling thought to enter my mind. How do we know that we aren’t dreaming now, and if she is right how are we certain we aren’t dead?

If her philosophy on death is right then the possibility of us being dead is immense. I sometimes believe that this is real although I wish not to think of it so. We could be dreaming at this very moment in another universe where you are asleep, or dreaming because you are dead, according to my aunt’s theory.

The reason I choose to believe this is because it does bring me some comfort. I don’t have to believe that after I die comes eternal nothingness. Thinking that we are just dreaming after we die gives us all the possibility of a kind of immortality. When we die we have another life in a different universe where you are not in a dream but in another reality. After your life ends in that reality you will start another in a different one. This cycle could go on forever.

This theory has also caused me to have a different approach to life. Before I heard this idea I always thought to live life as if there were no tomorrow. Although a lot of people live this way I don’t see it as a comforting thought. I would live thinking that I might die the next day and never have a chance to fix all the problems I left my family and friends with. Thinking that I will have another life after I die relieves some of the stress. I don’t have to worry about doing all I can in one day. I now know that even if I didn’t get to go sky diving or visit all the wonders of the world I might still get a chance my next time around.