Kendall - McGregor, Texas
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Friends are like cupcakes. Yes, this I believe. Friends are like gooey yummy cupcakes that you just can’t seem to get enough of. As I spent a whole hour making homemade cupcakes that should have taken twenty measly minutes, I realized just how baking…and eating cupcakes are like making and having friends.

When I was lamely wandering around our local grocery store wondering where basic, everyday ingredients were, I had to make an executive decision. Should I try for the easy and satisfying box mix cupcakes, or should I spring for the seemingly simple homemade cupcakes that can either make or break my cooking career? I stood staring at the box mix and decided that homemade it was. It was a risk, but I was willing to take it.

Once I started making those soon to be famous cupcakes I noticed how the process of adding ingredients is just like character qualities of a friend. For the actual cake, sifting every ingredient was tedious work. Adding flour, sift. Adding sugar, sift. Adding flour, sift. Adding sugar, sift. It was aggravating how long it was taking but when relating it to friends; it is those solid characteristics that make a good cake. Loyalty, sift. Trust, sift. Sympathy, sift. Compatibility, sift. It’s those ingredients, when added together, that can create a solid cake on which the frosting of friendship can settle. This I believe. Then…”uh oh.” There goes the egg. That dumb piece of eggshell that accidentally slips into your mixing bowl that throws you into a frenzy. That little eggshell represents the problems that friends have to work through. It’s the little things, that with effort, can be fished out with a fork and the friendship, like the batter, will be saved. Friendship can work, and create delicious cupcakes. Friendship can fail, and the batter can be too runny. Friendship can be messy, but you just have to clean up afterwards. Friendship can be complicated, but you get a beautiful dessert in the end. This I believe.

The frosting of friendship is the icing on the cake. Really. Creamy chocolate is like the love that is slowly stirred in. The confection sugar is what brings the sweetness and fluff that is added to the surface of friendship. The icing is what sits on top of the cake; it’s the kindness and politeness that is the surface layer of a friend. I believe the good times with friends and the savory chocolate topping are one in the same.

Take time in eating your cupcake too. Take time to select a few delicious ones. It’s much better then stuffing your stomach with dry, flakey cupcakes. Savor the ones you have because they are much satisfying then ones you can not count on. Also, take time to perfect your own ingredients. I believe it is important to build our own ingredients so we can make the best of our own cupcakes, for someone else to enjoy. Because that’s what friends are. Cupcakes.