Will - Oakland, California
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in pondering, letting go of the world around and immersing myself in

my thoughts. I relax inside, let my mind flow, and think.

As I rode the bus as a third grader on a class field trip to San Francisco, I was

mesmerized by the gas station assistant updating the prices of gas. His tool magically

placed the numbers. Is it suction, magnets, a gnome inside the handle? Do gnomes

really exist, like the ones inside the streetlights? That would be the worst job


But why are the gas prices going up? It costs just as much to pump it out. Maybe

a big ship full of oil crashed and they need to make back money from all the lost

gas. That would suck.Then all the oil would fill the ocean and kill the fish.

But that’s ok because I don’t like fish. They’re smelly and taste bad, except for

tuna. As long as they keep the tuna they can kill all the other fish.

Mmmmmm……. Tuna melt with a big glass of apple juice, but really I want a nice PB

& J with a carton of milk, just like I have in my lunch today!

My mind continued to wander until we reached the museum. I woke up from my trance

and felt calm, simple, and joyful.

I believe in pondering. Letting my mind wander calms my soul, relaxes my body,

brings peace to my life. Letting go of the hectic-ness of life often seems impossible,

but putting life on hold and submitting to the whims of imagination is simple. Pondering

is not something you plan for. You can only plan to not push away the urges to ponder.

Today we have stressful lives but millions of stress balls, billions of tasks with

even more ways to complete them. Advertisements on TV promote products that ease

stress, soothe pain, promote joy, but hardly ever do they fulfill their promises.

The only remedy to stress and pain is to ponder.

I believe in pondering. The best knowledge does not come from adding input to the

mind; it comes from finding the knowledge already inside.