I believe we change to fit in

Taylor - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was in sixth grade, I met one of my good friends Emily: She was girly and enthusiastic. After seventh grade her family moved again. Over the the years I have noticed that she started to wear really dark makeup, darker clothes, and last time I saw her she was like a completely different person. She claimed that all of her friends were like that, and that it was what she liked. I believe we change to fit in, or be like those around us. We probably change because we’ve moved and want to fit in, or the change could reflect what our lives are like at the time.

With Emily it had to do with the fact that she moved a lot, and had to constantly keep changing to fit in. Her friends had a big impact on it too. In sixth grade almost everyone was girly. They had the pink flip-flops, cute makeup, and even pigtails. It was pretty rare that we saw some one who wore all black and dark makeup, but that was pretty much childhood in Pleasant Grove. When she moved again, it was like black and white. Almost every one of her friends wore the dark makeup and clothes.

After we moved on to junior high both of us of changed. We changed to look a little older for junior high, not the princess sandals and Barbie t-shirts. It wasn’t a bad change at all. And it reflected how we felt. Older. Besides we probably would have felt pretty out of place wearing little puppy shirts. Even now we change to be “in style” like every one else. It’s not completely changing your personality, just the way you look.

A few years ago I decided I needed a change, so I cut my hair. I still acted the same, I just looked different. Change isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. If it is drastic and not them at all, it would probably be better to just be themselves, but for all we know they could just feel like they need to be like others in order to fit in. Kind of like Emily.