I believe in being a good friend

Nicholas - California
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being a good friend. When you are a good friend, you get good friends in return. Having a friend can help you in so many ways.

Being a good friend means getting to know a person and getting to know their personality. It also means spending time together. Being a true friend means you are honest with them, you think of their feelings, you share with them, and you help them in all that you can.

Having a friend is key, because a friend is someone to talk to or just be there with you. They can give you guidance because they know you. A friend is someone you can go to with your troubles and they will understand and usually have good advice.

A friend is also someone you can enjoy doing things with. You can share your hobbies and interests with each other. You can learn new things from each other. A true friend always tells you the truth and can be counted on. A friend would step up to help you if you had trouble.

This is my first school year in a new place. Back in Illinois I took it for granted that I had so many friends. We grew up together and were all good to each other. I didn’t realize that it might not always be like that.

When I moved here, to California, I was the new kid and nobody knew me. Some people made fun of the way I talked, other kids just didn’t like me. I decided not to be bothered by these kids and instead I found kids who wanted to be my friend.

I wish that I could see more kids stepping in to help others around here at school. There are plenty of kids that could use another friend

I have gone out of my way to help people when I see they need help, and this has given me some great friends. I enjoy my friends and am glad they know that they can count on me to be a true friend. My friends mean a lot to me.