I believe failure is good

Jason - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe That Failure is Good

While playing basketball in seventh grade our team lost the third game of the season. Later that year when we met in the playoffs we knew what to do to beat them. So we thought up a new game plan so we could have a better chance of beating them. Because we learned from our failure from the game before we were able to beat them and make it to the championship game. I believe that failure was good in this situation because we were able to learn from our mistakes and come back and beat them.

When I was in eighth grade I did not study for a test so I got an F on an assignment a week before the term ended. So when I got home I realized why I did so poorly and studied all night. The next day I retook the test and got one hundred percent. That term I got a 4.0.

My older brother in eighth grade did not make the staring spot for tight end on his football team. For the next year he: lifted weight, ran and practiced his footwork and catching for his position the next year he became the starter again and has been ever since.

Another example is my friend who did not make the high school team his freshmen year. He came back a year later after practicing more than before and made the team. He also became a starter for the team.

In my life whenever I fail I always try to see what I did wrong so next time I can do it right. For on last example when I do something wrong when playing my guitar I never stop trying so that I can be the best I can. I hope that someday I can play any song that I want.

In conclusion I believe that a that failure is good as long as you pick yourself up and you learn from your mistakes and keep on trying so you can be a better person. I know that all of these people achieved what they did because they never gave up.