I believe in luck

cameron - pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

You can see it everywhere. You don’t even really notice it when you encounter it. The thing I speak of is of luck: I believe that luck is a true thing that is as real as you and me.

When others speak of luck, they really don’t think that it is what gives happiness to some and misery to others. They unknowingly believe that chance is what gives these different fates to others.

But I know that this thinking is misleading and that from the experiences I have previously had, I cannot deny the reality of luck.

When I was younger I used to run for a cross country team called Wasatch athletics. We went to the state competition and me and several others made the top 20. This gave us the ticket we needed to go to the regional competition. It was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The day of the race came. I knew that if I would make the top 20 of regionals that I would make it to the nationals, which is big accomplishment if you know how hard it is to get into it. I was shaking horribly as the referee pointed the gun into the air. “BAM” just like that the race had begun. I was off to a good start. I knew that making nationals meant everything to me. There was a cool breeze which at first I thought was actually helpful in cooling me off as I ran. But little did I know. As the race went on I began to become more and more tired. but being the experienced runner that I was: I knew how much energy I needed to save to be able to finish the race strong. With each step I grew more confident. I was gaining on the leaders of the pack. We finally came to the last stretch of the race. It was an up hill battle of only about 55 yards. When I reached the hill I was overcome by a rush of excitement knowing in my mind that the energy that I had saved was enough to qualify me for nationals.

This is where luck comes into my story. But unfortunately for me it was bad luck. On the last stretch a wind came out from what I though was no where. It was like running against a wall. The runners far behind me had not distributed there strength wisely. They had more energy than me but would never catch up from the distance that I had strategically separated from them. And on that last stretch is were I saw my running careers’ competition literally run right past me, I learned about bad luck. There I went from 12 to 25 place ridding me of my dream of being a track star.

You don’t have to try hard, but if you look around you: I know that you will find that luck has a huge effect on everything in your life.