Change a diaper

Skylar - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe

There are seven children in my family. My Dad’s job can’t pay for all the toys and electronics that us kids want. To fix that problem he has us work for our money by doing various jobs, such as: mowing the lawn, cutting down trees or changing diapers. So with all of that well earned money we can buy whatever we want, like an i-pod, Nintendo DS, or anything our little hearts desire. Some people might think that this is cruel or mean that kids have to buy some of their own toys. But not me. I believe that having kids buy a lot their own things helps them throughout their entire life.

Through my whole life I have had to buy everything that I wanted if it wasn’t for my birthday or for Christmas. Even when I was only six years old I had to buy my own Beanie Babies. Once I was at a craft boutique with my Mom when I was about six years old. I took ten dollars that I had earned through doing my daily chores around the house in case there was anything that I liked there. I found the most amazing thing in the entire boutique. A little dog Beanie Babie. I bought it. And just this last year I bought two unicycles and an i-pod, which totaled up to about four hundred dollars.

Now you are probably wondering how blowing all of my money on random toys has helped me. I’ll tell you how blowing all my money has helped me. It has taught me that anything worth getting in life comes free. Except for love and friendship and all that intangible treasure. If you want a new i-pod your mommy and daddy aren’t always going to be around to but it for you. So you had better get used to the idea and start the habit of buying some of your stuff on your own. Not that your parents buying a lot of your clothes or whatever is bad, but I have spent probably around eight hundred dollars on unicycles, i-pods, headphones or video games in my fifteen year life. Buying all of that has taught me to work hard, to be grateful for what I have, and buying some of my stuff makes me happier than if my parents bought it for me, because I worked so hard to earn all that money and all of that work had paid off.

If you aren’t buying a lot of your doo-dads and gizmo’s I highly suggest it. It won’t hurt you so it has to help you, and if you already buy your own stuff kudos to you. So go and change a diaper, earn some money and buy that car. Because you will be thankful in the end.