Sales call guy

Spencer - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The dreaded sales call. We all get them, and we all hate them. What do we do when the phone starts to ring, and we read the caller ID: The insurance company that has been calling for years it seems. What do we do? The way i see it you either don’t answer, pick up and politely say no thank you, or answer and harass the poor salesman until you get bored and hang up.

A good example of that is my older brothers a few weeks ago. They were over for a nice Sunday dinner. We had finished eating, and were just talking. When we heard the phone ring. Justin, one of my brothers, walked over to the phone, and yelled out It’s a sales call! My other brother, Aaron, told him to answer it, and it started. Justin was first. He was horrible to him, and Aaron was even worse. I’ll admit it was pretty funny while they were talking. But after they hung up I began to think about the call. That poor sales guy probabaly goes through that more than once every day. We all know what we should do but… You are just talking and you are so bored. Sadly I can say that this isn’t my only experience like that with a sales guy.

That whole experience made me think about how that sales guy feels when that sort of thing happenes. I believe that even the sales call guy has feelings too. Would it be that hard to be kind and polite, to anyone. You can apply that to a lot of life. The pushy lady at the grocery store, your little brother, or the random person you pass on the street. Typically we don’t say aynthing to these people, and don’t even really pay attention to them. Occasionally there is the guy trying to impress their girlfriend, that is a complete jerk. But rarely do you find the genuine nice person that smiles at you, says hi, and maybe talks to you for a little while.

Next time you go out into the public remember. The sales call guy has feelings too. Try saying hi and smiling at someone you don’t know. It could make them a little happier, or maybe help them get through the day.