I Believe That the Power of Our Minds are Stronger Than We Realize

Justen - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I raise my hands up to open the car door and join my friends on the soccer field for tryouts, my dad stops me by telling me something and giving me a small prep talk. He asks me, “Son, how bad do you want to make the team?” I replied that getting onto the team was my only goal right now. Then my dad replies, “Good. Remember, Keep a positive attitude and as long as you concentrate on what you want, you will achieve it. Remember the Law of Attraction.” I then nod and get out of the car. Three days later, the coaches announced that I had made the soccer team. I had succeeded.

This experience is one that will often stay in my mind and is one that I will often refer to. We, as a family, had learned a couple weeks before about the Law of Attraction and how it worked from a movie called The Secret. The Law of Attraction means that as long as you keep a positive mind and concentrate, whatever your mind is set on, the following series of events that you want to happen will fall into place. No great thinker, inventor or anyone, can achieve any greater than their perception. For example, an athlete goes to participate in a competition. There is absolutely no chance for that athlete to win if he did not perceive that he won. Thomas Edison could no have invented a light bulb if he did not perceive that he invented one. You have to perceive yourself accomplishing what you want to achieve and doing you best into getting that goal.

Humans have been blessed with an extraordinary mind: It thinks, it controls our movements, and it is basically the power outlet of our lives. All this thinking and everything people do day after day only uses up about 10% of our brains. If people could use the other 90% that remains idle, the power in what we do day by day could increase tenfold. Even if people don’t use that 90%, the Law of Attraction will still work. It is an amazing law. Einstein knew it, Newton knew it and I now know it as I live my life day after day. Also, many other great leaders who achieved what the perceived knew this law. As long as we apply it to our lives and put to use that other 90%, we will achieve many things. This is what I believe. I believe that the power of our mind is stronger by far than we realize.